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Experienced practitioner and consultant focused on helping organizations use data for action and nurture meaningful membership experiences.

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[PART 5] Developing a People Engagement Lens: Managing Expectations
In a previous post, I wrote about how there is work that needs to be done to help individuals make the most of their membership in an organization they are actively (or not so actively) involved in. I also touched on how it is not uncommon for many t...
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For Servant Leaders: At the intersection of leadership and followership
This write-up is for those who have experience advocating for employees, members, volunteers, front-line staff, etc. to leaders AND advocating for leaders to the groups they’re over. Most of my experience has taken place in somewhat dysfunctional set...
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[PART 4] Developing a People Engagement Lens: Results From A Short Membership Engagement Survey
SummaryAbout 78% of respondents have been in the section for more than one year. Based on the high-level feedback that was possibly received by about 30% of ~111 (on average) primary members and ~37% of the 68 members that renewed in 2017 and 2018, w...
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[PART 3] Developing a Membership Engagement Lens: Managing expectations when attempting to obtain feedback from members
If you’re trying to capture the membership experience, you will most likely come across the issue of having low response and participation rates when sending out surveys or using other routes to obtain feedback from members. In my experience, there a...
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[PART 2] Developing a People Engagement Lens: Capturing membership engagement
In my last post, I touched on exploring a membership data set in order to start developing a people engagement lens within an organization.Although I had a data set to work from and was able to learn some general information about members, I did not ...
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[PART 1] Developing a People Engagement Lens: Exploring a membership data set
An important first step to take when shifting to a people engagement lens in your organization is to think about the sources of data that are readily available. This can include formal and informal data captured in databases or documents. You may als...
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